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Frequent travelers abroad might have to face the wrath of roaming charges when they travel abroad. So what is to be done to avoid the mammoth phone bills of roaming charges while roaming abroad when text rates are similarly steep? The various cellphone companies say that the higher fees reflect the overall cost of mobile roaming internationally. That means the impact on your bottom line when using your mobile device internationally can be quite a lot. Follow these tips to make sure you don't get a monster phone bill the next time you travel abroad:

·         Use Wi-Fi to make free international call

Reference your phone's manual or contact a representative at your phone carrier and ask him or her to walk you through the process of optimizing your phone for overseas use. This usually involves going to the settings and enabling you cell phone’s hot spot reception so that you can use free Wi-Fi and hotspot to access the net whenever possible. Keep in mind to do this before you cross borders, since roaming begins as soon as you cross international borders. Apart from that you might have to deal with problems of the phone, as many phones have features that limit updating email and social networks only over Wi-Fi networks. Online international calling is the best when you are using Wi-Fi to male cheap international calls or free calls internationally.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

·         Call your phone carrier before you travel.

All major carriers offer online international sales-support staff and discounts for calling in and planning ahead. So call them and make sure you fully understand certain issues. Ask them about the data charges, call and text charges along with enquiring about how much it varies when you cross borders.

·         Consider using android calling apps

These calling apps can be big money-savers since they use low cost Wi-Fi connections instead of pricey international cell networks to provide service. A similar app which works in this fashion is iUV. The interesting and innovative thing about iUV is that along with letting you make free international calls to any part of the world, it also allows users to use this app is a date finder or at the least a confession making app that connects strangers by randomly making you talk to someone new, while at the same time not revealing your identity.